To the application for admission to study at the Almaty Technical and Economic College LLP, applicants must attach

  • original document on education; certificate of general secondary education with annex;
  • copy of identity card;
  • medical certificate in the form No. 086-U with the attachment of a fluorescent photograph (for disabled people of I and II groups and disabled from childhood, the conclusion of a medical and social examination);
  • Vaccination card form 063 (health passport);
  • 8 photographs 3 × 4;
  • Address information from the public service center

Applications from applicants are registered in the registration logs of the educational organization according to the forms of training.

Foreigners and stateless persons submit a document defining their status, with a note on registration at the place of residence:

1) alien — a residence permit of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) a stateless person — a certificate of a stateless person;

3) refugee-refugee certificate;

4) asylum seeker-certificate of the asylum seeker;

5) oralman-oralman’s certificate.

During the work period, the Admission Committee strictly accepts educational documents issued by foreign educational organizations, in accordance with paragraphs 13 and 22 of the Rules for the Recognition and Nostrification of Educational Documents No. 8 of January 10, 2008:

1) the original of the document on education;

2) an appendix to the document on education (original) with the following information: the number of hours of completed academic disciplines and practices, the final grades received, course and graduate qualification works, and other components of the educational process;

3) a notarized translation of the document on education and its appendix into the state and / or Russian language. The translation is certified by a notary in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan or by the bodies of the diplomatic service of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country where the document was issued. In some cases (for example, when establishing recognition by precedent), a translation made by the bodies of the diplomatic service in Kazakhstan of the state in whose territory the document was issued may be presented;

4) a notarized copy of the document certifying the identity of the holder of the document on education, with a translation into the state and / or Russian language;

5) a copy of the license and / or certificate of accreditation of the educational institution that issued the document on education, with the exception of state-issued documents on basic secondary and general secondary education, certified with the seal of the educational institution (if necessary, with a notarized translation into the state and / or Russian language).

The documents specified in sub-paragraphs 1) and 2) of this paragraph issued by educational organizations must be apostilled or legalized.

Without the full package of the above documents, it is impossible to carry out the recognition and nostrification procedure.

According to the results of enrollment, educational institutions are required to centrally submit the above documents before October 1 of this year to the National Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for passing the recognition and nostrification procedure.