Educational work

Educational work in the college is based on the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, “Comprehensive program of education in educational institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, “On state youth policy” reflect and develop the main directions of educational work in college.

The purpose of educational work –comprehensive development of the student’s personality as a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with deep professional knowledge and skills, with respect for spiritual values and traditions, moral foundations and moral guidelines of society.

Tasks of educational work:

  • Educate students on the basis of humane and moral principles;
  • To introduce students to universal values, national foundations and academic traditions, to educate them in the spirit of professional honor and ethics;
  • To educate the inner need of the students ‘ personality in a healthy lifestyle, responsible attitude to the natural and socio-cultural environment.

The main directions of the educational work of the college:

  • Organizational work of students
  • Civil and patriotic education of students
  • Spiritual and moral education of students
  • Legal education, prevention of delinquency among underage students
  • Healthy lifestyle of students
  • Cultural and aesthetic education of students
  • Social and psychological support for students